The need for logistics

The freight and logistics sector has a critical role supporting UK supply chains. It underpins the UK’s prosperity, health, wellbeing and security by maintaining the flow of goods into, out of and across the country. Every day, millions of deliveries are made in the UK

(Department for Levelling Up Housing and Communities & Department for Transport ‘Freight, Logistics & the Planning System’ (2023))

Over the last decade, the logistics sector has seen a significant growth trajectory.

Unmet need in Basingstoke and Deane:

For logistics to continue to succeed as a sector, it needs space to grow. The Appeal Inspector acknowledged the growing unmet need for industrial and logistics use in Basingstoke and Deane.

Without this supply available, demand is suppressed as occupiers cannot find space to meet their expansion need, meaning inward investment goes elsewhere.

The continuing success of the logistics sector is intrinsically linked to supporting it with the space it needs. Despite this, and as acknowledged by the Appeal Inspector, the unmet need identified for storage and distribution uses in Basingstoke’s adopted Local Plan remains unsatisfied. In fact, demand is currently much higher than when this was originally calculated.

The vacancy rate for industrial and logistics space is currently 5.6% in Basingstoke and Deane and has been below the generally accepted benchmark of 8% that represents a healthy market (where supply and demand are in balance) for a considerable period of time, This suppresses demand and means not all occupiers can find space to meet their expansion needs and potentially significant inward investment goes elsewhere.

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